Almora's Message

I am the sun, I am the moon, and I am the moving desert sand. I am the wind in your air. I have no face and I have many faces, whichever one you are willing to look at and accept is how I come to you. I communicate to you through many sources: The encouragement and wisdom that may appear in a book, a song, a poem; the seeds of hope and support planted through the voice of a stranger or loved one ... Read more

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Dear friends,

Spring is here!

I have just returned from a wonderful weeks retreat in beautiful hunter Australia. I loved waking up to kangaroos feeding on the grass outside my window and the Kookaburra (not use to its cackling sound, at first is though a monkey was on the loose) Much to the laughter of the local people.

Each day at 6am we started the day with Tai chi, follows by an hour’s walk or deep water running. then breakfast fresh fruits and homemade muesli. then half an hour of yoga stretched followed by health, wellness and spirituality seminars. After lunch it was something more vigorous like circuit training, badminton or volleyball. in the afternoon yoga and meditation or another seminar.
I was doing about 3-4 hours a day of exercise, eating well, sleeping well and what a difference it made to me in every way.
it reminded the important of self care which is something i notice we neglect time and time again in our busy lives. 

Is there something that your body needs more of? rest? water? different foods? our bodies are continually changing as we adapt to the fifth dimensional energy. There was a huge download on the weekend of Sunday 27 September how are you all faring?

Thank you for all those that attended our Journey of the mystics which blew us all out of the water! we are still processing the expansion, growth and energy that we all received form this exceptional event. Thank you for all our helpers to you know who you are!

Also thank you for all those who attended our season Goddess wellness retreats in 2015 we have no plans for any at this stage for 2016 as the winds of change take us in other directions!

On to business....

December we are so please to announce Almora and Tabaash coming together for the event of the year in Auckland on 12 12 2015.

we hope to see you there! please feel free to pass on information to gamily and friends around new Zealand.

Please see link below to contact Janine in Auckland for bookings.

Seasons break

We will be closing early this year to take a break to the pacific on a ship we are so looking forward to sailing from beautiful Sydney harbour.
So we will close from Tuesday 15 December to Tuesday 5 January any appointments during those dates will be changed and we will advise you in the months coming up.

2016 Booking

We are excepting them now for the month of January - March
as we will probably be doing more travelling and working oversees next year. News to follow..


We will be phasing out Cd's in 2016 and when out final Cd cover has been used that will be the last Cd! technology has changed significantly and fast in the last five years. We will send recordings via dropbox or you are welcome to bring a memory stick to your session and we will copy it for you.


Sphinx Is happy and well despite his ailments and he shares another message via Faye Rogers’s animal communicator thank you Faye.

Update Message from Sphinx August 28 2015

Whatever messages come through will be relating to increasing humanity but also opening up the gateway further…….the gateway is only of the light and has been in place I want to suggest forever but it was placed there by the Council of the White Brotherhood along with others who work with this type of energy. Many gateways have opened in the last 7 years and for this gateway it will only be a small opening so it’s not like it will gap madly open but it will open slightly and shafts of light will come through and over time the gate will open further and more light will stream in – to see the light as an energy that speaks to wisdom stored on this planet and the wisdom has been stored since the beginning of time but again that sounds like an exaggeration as this planet has birthed herself many a time and she will keep birthing herself in other time sphere spectrums (words??) the words are right might not be right or correct in your thinking patterns but the words are right.  Thank you that is all I wish to share except if Dellaina and Ihaia need to know more exact information, you have to realise that information is always changing and altering just as this planet is changing and altering and what is shared one day another day more information might be ready to be shared. 
 I see my ambitions as more than what I desire – I see my ambitions as something that makes me relentless and purposeful – I see the number of people coming together and not always meeting each other but coming together in an energy stream (shared visuals for this, and also shared of a slightly different feline form, and then shared human form – feline & human form are different forms of Sphinx) and this is my ambition that humanity increases, that awareness increases and this is happening but more has to be done…
There is a new gateway that is opening up further though it’s not new 

but it will be new in the respect it will open up for this planet and this gateway will need support from humans, support from animals, support from the plants, support from the crystals and this gateway or portal though I prefer to use the word gateway as a portal is slightly different will bring in higher energy and the crystals that are stored on earth that have got messages written in them that are so far forward of their times, of the sacred sites that are on earth, of the energy beams and energy beams are people & animals that have agreed as souls to help hold the energy whilst this is happening... 

We look forward to continuing the journey of love and empowerment with you all, through 2016 and beyond.

Love and Blessings

Almora, Dellaina, Ihaia and Sphinx