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I am the sun, I am the moon, and I am the moving desert sand. I am the wind in your air. I have no face and I have many faces, whichever one you are willing to look at and accept is how I come to you. I communicate to you through many sources: The encouragement and wisdom that may appear in a book, a song, a poem; the seeds of hope and support planted through the voice of a stranger or loved one ... Read more

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This is a wonderful opportunity to learn tangible skills to create your own reality from the idea to the result. You will learn to ...
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Since ancient times, sacred sites have had a calling to people all around the world. Legends and people tell of extraordinary experiences ... Read more

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Spring /Summer Calender 2014/15 Newsletter 


Dear friends,

Happy new year to you all! We hope that you have had some relaxing, peaceful and fulfilling holiday time. 

Ihaia and I have been blessed to spend a few days on Otago and in Takaka over the festive season. We attended a full moon gong concert, and Ihaia has started to learn to play the didgeridoo! 
Sound is such a universal language and brings a sense of well being to us all. We are looking forward to seeing where this may lead for us, in our healing work.

For those of you who haven't visited us in Diamond Harbour please meet Sphinx, our very wise healing kitten. He has lost at least three of his nine lives already! he was found in the road nearly knocked over twice, during the rescue near our home. Very young, rescued and brought to us.
Thank you Fiona you were a special messenger!

Ihaia had a lovely Celtic name for him, yet he told me 'I am sphinx half humanoid, half cat in physical form, but I am much more in spiritual form or energy body'

We begin our first event on Thursday 12 February ' Living in the light' 2015 channeling evening with Almora. Our last evening was very full so please book early if you would like to join us!

We hope to see you all soon refreshed and ready for the year to come! 

Love and light Almora, Dellaina, ihaia and Sphinx!

Almora's message for 2015

Inspired action!

Greetings beloved masters,

Many of you have felt really stripped bare over the past years and last especially, was particularly challenging for many.
As you navigated your way through many conflicts and unforeseen situations, that forced the unseen, unpredictable (shadows/darkness) into the (light ) often bringing forced action, to become conscious, seen faced and healed,

Individually and globally the time has come to really be Living in the light!

The souls is not stagnant, but ever inspiring you forward into your greatness.
You are magnificent!
Your are so powerful!
We have told you this often, and you are now beginning to see for yourselves, by what you have endured and responded to.
It is time no longer to endure, but to 'Take inspired action.'
Your soul moves and dances - creating the river of life! and you are all drops of water, moving towards the ocean of great truth and wisdom.

For this is a time when more and more will be revealed to you, you will remember.
Yet, to hold that knowing takes courage and brings a great responsibility.
It takes trust, and once you know you cannot un know you are compelled to take action!

This invitation is to follow the calling of your heart.

The voice of truth, and the freedom and joy which this brings defies words!
You are becoming more telepathic, more aligned and tuned into the frequencies of consciousness, the many paths of energy that are moving. you will meet more people from your soul groups, and you will receive wisdom from many sources.
It is time to use your gifts to benefit all of the planet, and all life within it!

In the past you have known what to do, but been fearful to take action for the change this may bring.
As it is in the dark (unknown) and to step into it take faith and trust, and so often you have held back.

This year dear ones is about inspired action, flows of energy not being held back,
but freed to move, share, grow and expand.

Let your intuitive voice guide you ever forward - the voice of your soul with clarity and love!

With much deep love and respect for your precious life and journeys!