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I am the sun, I am the moon, and I am the moving desert sand. I am the wind in your air. I have no face and I have many faces, whichever one you are willing to look at and accept is how I come to you. I communicate to you through many sources: The encouragement and wisdom that may appear in a book, a song, a poem; the seeds of hope and support planted through the voice of a stranger or loved one ... Read more

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Happy new year from us all in beautiful Diamond Harbour!

We hope you are all rested and had some time away relaxing with loved ones and family.
It was a world wind for us before the holidays with our big event in Auckland with Blair and Tabaash.
What a fabulous day! thank you for all those who attended and traveled up to see us.
Amazing wisdom and transmissions of energy from Almora and Tabaash.

Thank you Janine for inviting us, and for all the love and energy that you putt into this special day.

Also thank you for all those who attended our year long 'Secrets of universal laws course' incredible to see the changes and positive integrations in all of your lives. Ours included.
Graduation is this weekend very exciting! with people traveling as far a field as the UK in Glastonbury to be here.

For ourselves, we have just returned from ten days cruising the South pacific and a few days in a wilderness retreat in beautiful mountains, near Hunter Valley NSW Australia.
We were called to an amazing Labyrinth of rocks in the forest (Please see picture enclosed) A maze is where you go to get lost, a Labyrinth is where you go to find yourself.

following the guidance and inspiration from this place, we are very excited to announce our next retreat will be in Kaikoura, please see events below with  more information to follow.
The theme comes from the labyrinth, and the energy we will be weaving is The Lemurian Labyrinth Of Light.
I have come back from the labyrinth, with lots of fresh energy and inspiration coming through to share with you this year!

Now for our big news - We will be leaving Christchurch in 2016 !
No set date as yet, but it will probably be in the next six months. We have been called to the west coast of the north island near Auckland, and later to NSW Australia where we will now be based.

Almora will still be available for Skype calls, and we hope to visit Christchurch at least twice a year to see you all.
There will be sessions available from the House of Sound and Healing in Governors bay (thank you Eva) and the occasional event here too.
We have loved living in Diamond harbour and thank you for those of you who have travelled here on a regular basis to see us.
Yet it is time to expand and to go where we can be of service to more people.

We will be also be travelling to Europe in June to facilitate more workshops with Almora, more information will follow.
So we will be unavailable for appointments this month unless by Skype. 

We look forward to continuing the journey of love and empowerment with you all, through 2016 and beyond.

Love and Blessings

Almora, Dellaina, Ihaia and Sphinx 



Message from Almora January 2016


Greetings and welcome to 2016 to you my dear beloved one's,

The word that I wish to use for this coming year is 'Freedom' For over the last years, you have all had an opportunity to transmute, transform and release constraints and limitations, that have burdened you.
Many things...Your beliefs, unhealthy relationships, society, lack, employment, homes, Self doubt, fear, neglect, abandonment lack of self love and self belief.

You know there have been many....... You have also now become more and more conscious, leading to choices of truth and self empowerment.

Karmic contracts are and have been coming up for completion or re negotiation.

Family of light and soulful relationships stepping in, no room for the old conflict.
Instead, resolution, new ideas, new inventions, focus, inspired action, collaboration.

The year of 2016 2+1+6 = 9 Nine is commanded to be perfected in ten.

What that means beloved ones, is the energy for this year is freedom of choices and space now to travel and expand much further than you have ever been.

Now is an invitation to move into your grand and greatest potential thus far! As the light has illuminated the shadows, you are given an opportunity to see things in a new light, which bring many more choices.

When you are asleep you see no choices, when you are awakening you see at least one. When you are awake you see many. So it is not that you did't have choices before, it just was difficult to see and then make them. You had so many others relying on you.

Now there is a space beloved family of light, the constraints have been released you have been set free!

DO know though, for some this will still pose some confusion, as being told or obligated in what to do, has been a way of life for so long.

The responsible of making choices for yourself can seem overwhelming.
You say - Do I have the qualifications to apply for that role? do I have the time or energy? do I have what it takes.
I don't know that role, its uncomfortable, but it is more uncomfortable to be where I was.
What have I been asked to give up and am I willing to?

Of course you do, say to yourself;

There is some shifts I need to make in my thinking, I can do it RELAX.

Self love, faith and trust will be paramount because you are now in the current, the flow of the river of life is taking you.

So you had better go with it dear ones, resistance is a powerful current against you.

It is time to engage with the energy do not wait! It does not mean you do nothing, but its does mean that you try less and be more.

Allow the flow and engage with it.

Do not wait for it to land in your lap! take a step even just a small step, towards the inspiration that flows through you. Listen and respond DO NOT DOUBT YOURSELVES!

The last threads of energy have been set up, frequency is translated through feeling, thought and then manifestation. Then your experiences and those that come into your life, this is your frequency or point of attraction. 

So now, time to focus and tune your frequency, to a higher thought and a stronger heart unwavering despite what happens around you. YOU ARE GOLD CLASS NO LESS!!!

Light causes changes and chaos. It is the light that has been shaking you all up not the darkness.
The darkness is what you do not know, YET.
The lack of information, lack of vision..its coming clear now beloveds.

Connect, breathe, spend time in nature, celebrate appreciate nourish your bodies for they have been, and are now continuing to be upgraded. Just like your computers been even more fine tuned.
So you must fine tune yourself towards these frequencies, meditation, contemplate, sound, creativity Love. 

Dear ones it is time now to fully move towards and REALIZE YOUR DREAMS! Time to bake the cake, add new ingredients, try news ones. Know that when the final decoration, icing, with the cherry on the top of the cake is ready to be placed - You can be fulfilled with knowing the delicious cake is something unique to you, and your inspiration can be then shared at the tea party of life!
See it
Feel it
Live it
Be it
Say yes to Life!!

We are so excited and honored to help you navigate through, we are here to help you see things through new eyes with new light.
Yet we are your guidance, your own connection to yourself is the most important.
So have courage to listen to that! Your head will confuse you your heart knows what is true. 

As I expand and become more open, so too does life present me, with an expanded choice of wonderful possibilities - ALMORA