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The Give away letting go channelling evening with Almora

As we move into the Autumn and the trees begin to let go of their leaves. So to, are we invited to release the things from the year, that are no longer part of the next part of our journey. 
and experiences for the year ahead. 

Almora will bring a powerful vortex of energy to help us release anything what is no longer part of the next cycle of our journey. We will perform a ceremony that will bring peace and confidence for the path to unfold without obstacles. 
This time of year gives us time to review our lives from our humanness, as well as from the expanded capacity of spirit.

Date: Tuesday 14 April 
Time: 730 pm -930 pm 
Venue: The House of Sound and healing. 851 Governors bay road, Governors bay. Christchurch. 
Investment: $40.00 bring a friend first time for free! 


Dear friends,

Well now, we are preparing for autumn a time of release and acceptance. The evenings are cooler and darker, our energy begins to wane and we need to rest more.

As we move into the autumn and the trees begin to let go of their leaves. So to, are we invited to release the things from the year that are no longer part of the next part of our journey, and experiences for the year ahead. 

I am also starting bi monthly channelling evenings at The House of sound and Healing, for your soul food, and support. Also for new people wanting to meet Almora. Any one new friend may join you for free for the first time. This is a good way to support them awaken and move forward with support of like minded souls. The next one is on Tuesday 14 April, please see events calendar.

Just a note of appreciation for your good wishes for Sphinx he is still with us, and hopefully will be for a while. He is a great teacher of acceptance as he lives with a neurological as well as physical disability without complaint!

Ihaia and I will be visiting jersey for most of the month of June. I mentioned previously that my father died last year and we now have to pack up the house, and go through personal belongs prior to selling the family house. This is a heritage Victorian building that has fallen into not quite, but almost rack and ruin from its former glory.

What a history! Three residential spirits as I grew up introduced me to the spirit world, but it was not pleasant. These souls were in a place of trauma and needed help. There is a lot of history and healing to complete on this trip.

Almora will probably be hosting events and a few sessions with him will be available.

Please contact us for further information.

Because of our visit to Jersey the annual winter retreat is cancelled, but we do have a spring one on 28-30 August please see the calendar for details below.

We look forward to continuing the journey of love and empowerment with you all, through 2015 and beyond.

Love and Blessings

Almora, Dellaina, Ihaia and Sphinx