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I am the sun, I am the moon, and I am the moving desert sand. I am the wind in your air. I have no face and I have many faces, whichever one you are willing to look at and accept is how I come to you. I communicate to you through many sources: The encouragement and wisdom that may appear in a book, a song, a poem; the seeds of hope and support planted through the voice of a stranger or loved one ... Read more

Power to Create

This is a wonderful opportunity to learn tangible skills to create your own reality from the idea to the result. You will learn to ...
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Sacred Sites Tours

Since ancient times, sacred sites have had a calling to people all around the world. Legends and people tell of extraordinary experiences ... Read more

Conscious Living

Almora’s guide to living in alignment with the universal laws of life to support your wellbeing and bring peace, adventure and ... Read more

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Almora's message 

Greeting beloved ones and welcome to a new chapter in the life of magnificence!

This year we bring playfulness and a joy for you to draw from so that you can truly engage with the river of creation and love which flows through you. We are not here so much to remind you this year, but to support the opening and deepening of this experience. You came for the joy and experience not to suffer.

So joy is the theme of this year, in the moment of laughter and love.

It is a time to see your extremes and to see your humanness and to make conscience choice through compassion and serenity rather than struggle and conflict. To see and feel the outcome of the threat of energy you are following and ask yourself. “Does this thought, feeling. Idear, cause of action I’m focusing on lead to fulfillment or disappointment and suffering?” What do I really want to feel in this moment for it is in me right now and i can choose? This is the power you all have. Self empowerment through the willingness to respond to the self in the moment and from the heart and not look outside. The gods self is emerging stronger than ever before, do not fight the self dear ones accept the truth of your own conviction. You are loved beyond words. Actually, you love beyond words you are!

Our invitation to you all is now as we hold out a hand to you all, let’s dance in the heavens of light lets soar across the mighty universe together. There are no words for this experience and fewer words will be needed.

Sound, colour, vision knowing! Love this magnificence life it’s yours and nobody else’s how exciting is that!

Happiness, love and peace to your beautiful hearts!