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Ceremonies & Blessings

Life is calling me to join in its ever-moving dance.
I am no longer watching.
I am creating a new dance. 
- Almora

Ceremonies & Blessings

Why have a blessing or ceremony?  
To gather the Mauri - essence, Wairua - Spirit, and intention for you or your group coming together, Set the scene. Safety, Connection.
What does it involve?
Sharing all relevant information leading up to or culminating in the event to be.
Discussion on your needs and wants.

Purpose and projected outcome.
Some Examples of Blessings and ceremonies 

  • Water blessings and purification process.

  • Clearing home or space from previous energies, or entities which may be disturbing the peace and harmony of the space.

  • Conference or function opening prayer and ceremony, to set the scene for the event and bless the space, closing prayer and ceremony.

  • Weddings and Tangi.

  • Opening a new venue, business, or for your new home.

  • Bringing together new people for a venture, business, or quest, and/or blessing them for a harmonious and successful outcome.

  • Birth or blessing before or after an operation or traumatic event.

The investment fee varies depending on the preparation time, meeting and discussion time with clients, event travel and distance time and cost, and what is required prior to and on the day. 

We can offer you a free fifteen-minute consultation to find out what you need. 

From then we can advise and quote accordingly.

Let’s Work Together

Please fill out the form below and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Thanks for submitting!

Please note there is a minimum of three hours duration time required.

This includes preparation time before and on the day, and travel time.

There is also an extra travel fee added to any location outside 20ks of the Christchurch CB

We aim to respond to your request within five-seven working days. 

For urgent inquiries please email or call us directly to check our availability.

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