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Tue, 21 Mar


Via Zoom Almora’s Sanctuary, Christchurch

Soul Food - Blessings and healing from the sacred waters

What is soul Food? Soul Food - Are monthly channeled evenings, Bringing through inspiration and clarity for you in your life.

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Soul Food - Blessings and healing from the sacred waters
Soul Food - Blessings and healing from the sacred waters

Time & Location

21 Mar 2023, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Via Zoom Almora’s Sanctuary, Christchurch

About the Event

Since the dawning of time, the indigenous people have used the power of the sacred waters of the rivers, lakes and seas.

Purifying, cleansing and healing through their rituals and ceremonies.

Baptisms are still held around the world in many religious and spiritual practices.

For example:

Celebration, Clarity, Healing wounds and ailments, releasing old wounds and hurts, creating a new project, transcending through a crisis or time of change, Birth, death and other monumental times in the individual or collective journey.

The list is endless.

Water is not just symbolic, it holds codes of light consciousness, which can be activated through our higher mind and heart.

We must approach this process with great respect and reverence.

To be able to access these codes and receive their gifts, our state of being will determine the response and experience.

Water is also very precious.

Many people still not having access to clean or running water.

On this night we will perform a ceremony together to help cleanse and purify our mind, body and soul.

To give away the dross, confusion, or outgrown parts of our lives to Spirit to transform with love.

As well as directing healing waters towards the world, as we all experience together collective grief, healing and transformation for these challenging but exciting times we are blessed to be a part of.

We are asked to bring a bowl of salted water (preferably Himalayan or Celtic salt) in a wooden, metal or glass bowl.

Then we will be led (by the Almora team) into a powerful process of release and transformation.

For even if we do not feel we have anything to release there is always more!

The evening will consist of :

* Meditation, energy transmissions,

* Soul transmission / Healing energy journey.

* Open and expand levels of your light bodies and other layers of your multi-dimensional self

* Receive intuitive guidance in a way that honours your unique connection to Spirit

* Commune with the council of light and cosmic beings of Love and higher intelligence

* Access your own healing abilities to restore balance, vitality and well-being to your mind, body and spirit.

When the channels between the unconscious and conscious minds are opened, the path between intuition and action becomes clear.

How we think and feel immediately changes the way that we perform and therefore our reality and experience of life.

'Almora empowers people to harness their potential, greatest and wholeness through the classroom of life. By coaching their spiritual growth.’

Come and join us with light-minded souls for a miraculous journey of awakening, remembering and allowing those miracles to manifest through us!

Come and join us for a very beautiful and powerful evening.

Cleansed by the Sacred waters of beautiful Gaia.

This will be a truly beautiful, transformative and inspirational evening!

About Soul Food evenings

The world is changing at a very rapid rate.

All of the structures (economic, environmental, educational, economic, financial, and many more) which we have been depending upon, are collapsing around us.

For many, it is a time of great uncertainty, and these life changes can be overwhelming

This is a planetary, universal, and huge time of change.

These evenings are Created to support you in navigating and integrating the new energies that we are receiving every day on our planet now.

Giving you a space in your busy life, to enter a loving and safe environment to explore the bigger questions, our choices, and solutions you may not have been aware of or believed possible.

Supporting you through these times, and giving you tools to work with.

Which will empower, rather than overwhelm you.

What is 'Soul Food'?

Soul Food - These are monthly channelled evenings, Bringing inspiration and clarity to your life.

Each evening is unique yet generally, the events consist of:

* A teaching on the theme (changes monthly)

* Powerful inner-guided path workings, breathing and relaxation techniques, and transmissions of divine healing energy.

* Evenings video recorded and sound recorded to watch at your leisure if you are in another time zone or unable to attend in person at the allocated time.

Sometimes people also receive profound physical healing from pain and ongoing health issues.

This is an opportunity to work with an expanded divine intelligence and compassionate being, to expand and evolve our consciousness.

There are different themes each month that are current to our current process.

About Almora

Almora is an expanded group consciousness that identifies with the powerful life force of our Sun.

They are now working from the infinite Spirit to assist humanity. During the great changes occurring on our planet here and now.​

These soul journeys offer you an opportunity to expand your consciousness, and embrace your own divine wisdom and power, in a deep and profound way.​

Allowing clarity and confidence, for the next part of your life’s journey.​

Amplifying and experiencing infinite love, and compassion...All the while feeling the love and light of your own Divine nature.


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