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Tue, 19 Sept


Via Zoom Almora’s Sanctuary, Christchurch

Soul Food – Finding Balance in the upcoming Spring Equinox

I am noticing synchronicity and messages all around me. They show me what I am ready to step into. I no longer question but act on what is being shown to me – Almora What is soul Food? Soul Food - Are monthly channeled evenings, Bringing through inspiration and clarity for you in your life.

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Soul Food –  Finding Balance in the upcoming Spring Equinox
Soul Food –  Finding Balance in the upcoming Spring Equinox

Time & Location

19 Sept 2023, 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm

Via Zoom Almora’s Sanctuary, Christchurch

About the Event

'Stress shows me why I need to change in my life before it changes me. I am willing to face what is creating disharmony within my life and respond to it, with an open heart' - Almora

I greet you in the energy of Balance, my friends this night is not just about the subject of balance, it is interconnected with all life.

"What area of your life needs peace my friends? what part of you is struggling? what part of you is anxious or worried? What is your priority?

What dreams are visions are coming to fruition or waiting to be fulfilled?

There always comes a time when your soul needs to have a rest, a time to reflect and then respond.

The Ying and the Yang, Sun and Moon, night and day. Intuition and action.

A time of Balance.

Because in life, you experience both polarities. To know what dark is, and to know what light is. So that you can become more of that light, and use that power consciously with love in your life..

So the polarities of life are what you have within you.

My friends as you’ll see happening in your world, there are times of chaos, then there are times of structure, and each structure brings about a new dawning, brings about a new consciousness.

So often those seen as the rebels of the ancient times, seen to be resisting the establishment, and bringing light and wisdom.

Many lost their lives for what they believed with conviction.

Are seen as the saints, heroes and Avatars of today.

As the world changed to accommodate these pioneering spirits, or those that had a visionary experience of what they were bringing to the world.

All of you at the moment that are here are in your own communities, it your own areas expertise bringing some of this energy in which is coming into your planet and world because as it has been said many a time.

It is an historical time of change and shift and movement within every single structure that exists within your world from the environment to the educational to the medical, to the religious, to the financial, it is all being broken up and shaken up.

So it is a changing of consciousness brought about by finding your own inner harmony and your own inner balance within life.

And not being too comfortable in what you know, or believe you know, because there is always more, and there will continue to be more" - Almora

Taken from The book "The secrets of Universal laws" - Almora

Soul Food evenings - Almora channeled by Dellaina and facilitated by the Almora team

On this night of the spring Equinox, (equality of night and day) we experience and align with our inner balance.

At this point in time, the Earth is receiving the sun's rays equally, and the length of day and night are in wholeness and Taking 

Taken form  'Secrets of Universal laws - Book Balance section by Almora'.

Come and join us feel restored, rejuvenated and renewed, with the the Almora team and like minded souls. For a journey of awakening, remembering and allowing !

Learn some techniques to support you on your journey now. Accessing Spiritual Guidance in Turbulent Times

Almora will bring an unlimited, loving, powerful, vortex of energy, to assist and support alignment, for your life's journey.

Evenings include Meditation / Path working journeys, healing transmissions and downloads, with Almora and the Almora unlimited team,Who are Infinite Love !

As we are coming out of the winter slumber it is important to be conscious of the gradual stirring within and the seeds of our ideas beginning to take some root. It can be a time where old wounds start to surface and so we are still in need of self care but also asking for help when we need to.

It can be very challenging when the wheel turns and we say goodbye to loved ones, either through physical death or separation. Which can occur when we out grow friendships and even the karma of family. 

This can result in confusion, grief and misunderstandings. However, change is upon us all whether we like it or not. If we go with it, then the period of challenge is decreased. Unfortunately there is no avoiding the sadness and grief that these changes can bring.

We are not taught while growing up that relationships ending, careers changing, moving homes, and leaving behind a whole life of what is familiar, can be just as painful as someone close physically dying.

To move into the unknown or unfamiliar and into a new life, which is calling from the heart and spirit and to follow this journey takes a great deal of courage.

We honour and respect the many people that have been going through these momentous changes. It has been an honour and a privilege to be a part of your journey and growth.

About Soul Food 

The world is changing at a very rapid rate.

All of the structures (economic, environmental, educational, economic, financial, and many more) which we have been depending upon, are collapsing around us.

For many, it is a time of great uncertainty, and these life changes can be overwhelming

This is a planetary, universal, and huge time of change.

These evenings are Created to support you in navigating and integrating the new energies that we are receiving every day on our planet now.

Giving you a space in your busy life, to enter a loving and safe environment to explore the bigger questions, our choices, and solutions you may not have been aware of or believed possible.

Supporting you through these times, and giving you tools to work with.

Which will empower, rather than overwhelm you.

What is 'Soul Food' ?

Soul Food - Are monthly channeled evenings, Bringing through inspiration and clarity for you in your life.

Each evening is unique yet generally, the events consist of:

* A teaching on the theme (changes monthly)

* Powerful inner guided path workings, breathing and relaxation techniques, and transmissions of divine healing energy.

* Evenings video recorded and sound recorded to watch at your leisure if you are in another time zone or unable to    attend in person at the allocated time.

Sometimes people also receive profound physical healing from pain and ongoing health issues.

This is an opportunity to work with an expanded divine intelligence and compassionate being, to expand and evolve our consciousness.

There are different themes each month that are current to our current process.

Payment via Almora online account or paypal (+4% transaction fee)

About Almora

Almora is an expanded group consciousness that identifies with the powerful life force of our Sun.

They are now working from the infinite Spirit to assist humanity. During the great changes occurring on our planet here and now.​

These soul journeys offer you an opportunity to expand your consciousness, and embrace your own divine wisdom and power, in a deep and profound way.​

Allowing clarity and confidence, for the next part of your life’s journey.​

Amplifying and experiencing infinite love, and compassion...All the while feeling the love and light of your own Divine nature.


  • Investment: One-off

    Payment via Almora online account or paypal (+4% transaction fee)

  • Yearly Subscription

    A yearly 12-month subscription is $36.00 per session. Save $88.00 x 2 free Payment via Almora online account or paypal (+4% transaction fee)




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