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 I have been silently waiting for the right moment and the time is now. I have fully shed the constrictions of my past, and I say YES
to this next exciting journey of my life! 

- Almora

International Tours

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Cancellation policy

Due to the unprecedented circumstances in the world at present, and with regard to our international tours.

Any tours that are canceled due to Covid 19, will be refunded less any fees incurred by Almora unlimited. Either directly or indirectly related to this tour.

This includes providers and suppliers, and all promotional materials relating to / and events, relating to these tours.  Currently, these tours are on hold

At Almora Mystical Tours, we bring a new and expanded balance of life experiences from past and present connections, between our beautiful earth and the forever expanding secrets of ancient spiritual wisdom.

Offering you a unique opportunity for self-discovery, transformation, and expansion. Meeting like-minded souls and forging lifelong friendships. Visiting some of the world’s most mystical and magical sacred places. 

We facilitate the teachings of many ancient spiritual traditions and unlock many of their secrets. Through the use of ceremonies, and healing practices. 

Join us on one of our life-changing journeys. 

​Experience the ancient energies that exist, at some of the most important and Sacred sites on planet earth.
​We, your tour leaders, are inspired to share our unique insights and wisdom. Ensuring your Spiritual travel experience is transformative and inspiring!


We take care of all the details, such as:


  • Useful pre-tour information.

  • Transfers upon arrival.

  • Welcome gift.

  • Carefully designed itineraries that draw on our years of experience and local knowledge.  

  • Good quality accommodation often has a difference!

  • Welcome and farewell dinner.

  • Local indigenous guides, often sharing wisdom not widely known.

  • Cultural and spiritual places of interest (often off the beaten track).

  • Journal to write in.

  • Group meditations and the sharing of ancient wisdom.

  • Welcoming the young to young at heart from all parts of the globe.


Travelling with us on one of our Sacred journeys offers you, by visiting important Sacred sites and culturally rich places.

Leaving you with a meaningful and life-changing travel experience. So, leave your worries behind at home and travel in comfort with a small group of like-minded people, kindred spirits who often become your life-long friends.

Why Choose Us?

1. Tour Leaders
Together we have travelled to over 38 countries and have 72 years of travel experience between us. Dellaina has also worked for 15 years in the travel industry, ships, airlines and travel agencies in Europe and New Zealand.

2. World Class Service
We are very proud to say the most common feedback from all our clients is that the experience with us was life-changing.

3. Best Price Guarantee
With no hidden extras we offer a premium quality inclusive experience

About Sacred sites and us

Since the dawning of time, sacred sites have had a mysterious calling to people all around the world. Legends and people tell of the extraordinary experiences they have had while visiting these places. Different sacred sites have the power to heal the body, enlighten the mind and inspire the heart.
What is the key to the mystery of the sacred sites and how are we to explain their power?

Come with us and find out!

Sincerely and with Love
– Dellaina Ihaia and Almora Tour team
Directors Almora Unlimited Mystical Tours



A lot of the journey was pre tour as there was much to do and fears to overcome. The tour itself was amazing, as I came with an open heart and mind. Everyday unfolded like a magic Aladdin’s cave, so much to experience. Much fun and laughter had by all.  Excellent!

Virginia Health practitioner Christchurch NZ

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