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In 1988 my life was to change forever! While in a tomb I had a life changing experience.

Updated: Oct 19, 2021

My story begins when the Gaza war broke out in 1987 while I was living in Israel. I had a very strong calling to go to Egypt where some unusual experiences occurred. This was also the year of harmonic convergence. Harmonic Convergence - Wikipedia

I hired a camel rider to guide me out to the tombs in the desert. It was amazing, blue sky, golden desert, camels on the horizon. I was taken to an opening in the ground and invited in, while my guide waited outside. What happened was incredible!

A silence fell and I knew this place.

There was a space for where the mummy had once laid and I found myself compelled to lie in this spot and close my eyes.

Immediately I saw horses and people running in all directions, and an air of chaos was all around. Then I saw what I knew was myself as an Egyptian female in a tomb chanting, and incense smoke was rising in front of me.

Then I saw myself standing on a bridge as groups of people in a hysterical state reached out to me.

I realised that we were no longer in human form and I was helping them to cross what I have come to know as the Rainbow Bridge. (The bridge between the physical and the spiritual world).

That night, while sleeping I was aware of a presence at the bottom of my bed. When I looked up I saw a tall Arabic man, and at once thought my hotel room had been broken into. Very afraid and after what seemed hours under the covers, I fell into a deep sleep.

In the morning I checked all the windows and doors, as I had left them locked and bolted…

The Early Days on the Job training with Neb het Aat (Almora’s incarnation as a high priest in Egypt 500 BC approximately. The name means Lord Of the Great House. House refers to the temple of Amun in Thebes Karnack)

In 1994 I arrived in New Zealand and Almora appeared more and more first in my dreams and then physically.

He began training me telepathically, how to meditate and to ‘tune in and relax’.

To listen to the voice of my intuition, and that of Almora (I first experienced Almora as a male energy the personality of one of his previous incarnations) and of my clients guides.

I learned to trust the feeling of inspiration and peace this gave me and the results I was having with people.

The day came when I had to make a decision.

Was I going to trust and moved through my doubts and fears?

Not without the ending of my marriage, many friends, and letting go of my safe career as a travel consultant.

What followed was amazing, through a series of synchronicities within months I was put to work. It was amazing what came through me, and the results and life-changing healings I experienced. All the while saying to the spirit “I am just a travel agent from Jersey!”

I committed to be of service, and helping those with cancer and serious illness.

I was guided to work with crystals and meditate on their power, which I used to facilitate healing.

In 1996 I set up my first healing center, with amazing results! With some clients, even going into what’s called in the medical profession – ‘spontaneous remission’.

During the healing sessions, individuals become more conscious of either what needs to be released and forgiven.

Or what changes they need to make in their lives this.Then, healing occurs on many levels.

People are also able to see they have choices, and are able to take their power back and take responsibility for these changes. For their life and health.

The changes needed personally, and according to the realisations and transformations that they allow. They are able to look at many aspects of why this dis-ease has manifested into their lives, including the power of the mind and thoughts, the emotions, and the treatment of the physical body.

The medical profession is starting to realise that illness is not just created by the chemical responses of the physical condition or environment.

What the spiritual world has always known, is that we are all unique, and our suffering is unique. No matter what your colour, gender, culture, or religion.

This is why each healing session is unique for you.

Although initially, I thought all could be physically cured (and this is possible) I have also realised (after losing my own beautiful mother to liver cancer) that it is not always about life and death. The body is the vehicle to experience this dimension as physical and human. On a soul level, we choose when we need to depart this earth, and there are various ways that this can happen.

So now I combine my love of spiritual development and travel to sacred sites.

I warmly welcome you on this inspiring journey called life here now!

Come and join us!

Many blessings, Dellaina


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