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Lions Gate - Almora Winter Newsletter And Updates

Dear Almora friends,

Greetings as we come through the Apex of Lions Gate!

What an incredible transmission we shared with our Lyran brothers and sisters last night.

For those of you who missed it you can still get a copy of the video and sound recording please contact us for more information.

I certainly appreciate the love and guidance of our wonderful healing team to get through these incredibly changing times!

Thank you so much to all of those who joined us on our inspiring Almora events and personal consultations, while we were in the UK and Jersey.

We really enjoyed seeing old souls and meeting new ones!

We also loved catching up with our loyal friends and clients, while on our journey in the ancient and mystical lands of Sedona in the USA, the south of England and Jersey in the Channel Islands. The love connection conference in Sedona was incredible and we especially loved meeting Matt Khan for the first time. What an incredible example of love in action he is. (Photo below)

I have included a few photos of the highlights of our trip.

Monument Valley with the Navaho First Nation Indians, the Grand Canyon, Glastonbury Avalon and Jersey Channel Islands stone circles.

An interesting story to share with you (one of many) I was at LAX International Airport in a queue waiting to order (that’s a story in itself) When the man behind me I had been talking to, asked if he could take a photo of my eye! He seemed very genuine and it resonated with me to say yes, so here is his photo, what do you think?

Thank you Fadi Sara from Canada.

What’s new?

Exciting news we will be soon offering, all of the last three years of Almora’s Zoom video teachings and transmissions for purchase on our website.

For any of your clients, family or friends, with whom you may wish to share these healing sessions. In the comfort of their own homes or workspaces and at times that are convenient.

We will have a library with titles and archives and a little about each one and the purchase price.

Your Power to Create Elevated! - The Final Piece in the Jigsaw pieces are falling into place

After twelve years! we are ready for this next level and will soon be launching the next level of Power To Create Wohoo.

Although we revisit some of the cornerstones of the teachings, there is a brand-new level of teachings, transmissions and frequencies of Quantum energy to catapult your life forward, in preparation for 2024 and beyond.

This course will be five fortnightly Zoom sessions on Saturdays starting 14th October.

We are offering all our previous Power To Create students a special discounted fee. More information to follow in the coming week.

Please register your interest

Almora Appointments

We are again taking appointments for personal sessions with Almora. Please contact us for the next available options.

Sacred site tours

Yes, we are back and in 2024 we will be taking a group to Sedona, and will share more information on this in the coming weeks Yay!

Please register your interest


As we move into the last month of winter, may this be a time for us all to remember to especially nurture the Body.

Maybe, take the opportunity to look into new recipes, exercise options, and self-healing.

Remember the power of nature to heal, and bring peace to your Body Mind and Spirit.

For me, time on the beach or in the forest brings mindfulness and presence, and often insight, clarity and inspiration for my life.

Sending you all so much love and a big hug from us all here.

Dellaina, Ihaia, Taki and Ra xx


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