About Us

I am ready to reach out and ask for guidance and assistance.
By opening myself to this assistance, I am affirmed in the choices that I make.
- Almora

About us

Everything you need is inside you.
Yet we are born into so much conditioning, which we are not always aware of, which blocks us from accessing our inner knowing.

Our purpose here is to create a place of love and trust.

So you can open to and receive, your unlimited ability

to transform, change, grow, expand and shine.
We facilitate the teachings of many ancient spiritual traditions, and unlock many of their secrets.

Through the use of ceremonies, ancient and new healing practices.  So that you can live your most inspired, creative and empowered life!

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Teacher, Channel, Visionary therapist, Past life therapist, Crystal healer, and contributing author in the best selling “Adventures in Manifesting series.”

About Dellaina 

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About Ihaia 

Ko Ngai Tahu te iwi-No Horomaka/Otautahi ahau.
I come from the Banks Peninsula Christchurch and Ngai Tahu is my tribe. I am a warrior of the spirit of light.


Aotearoa New Zealand is my homeland in this lifetime.

I have travelled extensively as a merchant seaman and spiritual voyager. Experiencing and participating in many countries and cultures, spiritual and ceremonial traditions.

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Dellaina and Ihaia work together at courses, retreats and events.

Together, we bring a wealth of experience.
Through healing, guidance, and mentoring we are here to empower you to live life to your fullest potential.

Our journey of bringing together the Celtic and Maori tribes began on the Banks Peninsula, New Zealand.