About Us

I am ready to reach out and ask for guidance and assistance.
By opening myself to this assistance, I am affirmed in the choices that I make.
- Almora

About us

Everything you need is inside you.
Yet we are born into so much conditioning, which we are not always aware of, which blocks us from accessing our inner knowing.

Our purpose here is to create a place of love and trust.

So you can open to and receive, your unlimited ability

to transform, change, grow, expand and shine.
We facilitate the teachings of many ancient spiritual traditions, and unlock many of their secrets.

Through the use of ceremonies, ancient and new healing practices.  So that you can live your most inspired, creative and empowered life!

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About 'Almora Beyond The Horizon'

Combining our spiritual and indigenous heritages, we offer our love, respect and wisdom. As a link for your own connection to our beautiful earth, the expansive universes, and beyond. Accessing your true essence, the Divine wisdom that lives within us all. Almora’s healing, guidance, and mentoring is here to empower you to live life to the fullest, most creative, abundant, and expanded potential.

Some Miracles I have seen through my work

In the thirty plus years of this work I have truly seen miracles. Such as: People with incurable disease go into spontaneous remission. Those facing bankruptcy flourish and access unlimited wealth. Marriages collapsing, find passion and love again. Long lost soul mates reunited after lifetimes apart. People diagnosed infertile have children, sometimes many. From no job and two mortgages to mortgage free. From no job to a unique role created especially for them and well paid. Special Schools with years of waiting lists, admit three children from one family within months. (the principal himself saying this had never happened in his 30 + years at the school.) Those diagnosed with learning disabilities, and struggling to study or take exams. Achieve degrees and Masters. Lost and confused to clear and creative. Those with an unfulfilling career, start and succeed at their own creative business.
From No Way a Way is found! Because Miracles begin with you!

Who is Almora in their own words?

“I am the sun, I am the moon, and I am the moving desert sand. I am the wind in your hair. I have no face and I have many faces, whichever one you are willing to look at and accept is how I come to you. Almora is the vibration closest to what you can understand in the form of a sound or physical likeness. – Almora” Almora is an expanded non physical group consciousness, who identifies with the powerful life force of our sun. Almora Interpretation. AL (All) MO (Infinite love) Ra (The Sun) and giver of Infinite life and light. Interpretation – Almora is the giver of infinite life and love, which is love manifest.

About Almora The Giver of Infinite Life and Love

Almora is a non physical being, now working from spirit to assist humanity in the great changes occurring on our planet here, now. The primary elements of life can be broken down into 3 aspects, namely the Body – Tinana (incorporating health, exercise and diet); the Mind – Hinengaro (including logic and emotions) and our infinite, expansive but often ignored Spirit – Wairua. Neglecting our spiritual aspect is indeed a missing link – because of this imbalance we cannot live our lives to our fullest potential. Whanau, Whanaungatanga (family and extended family) We are all connected “Almora empowers people to harness their potential, greatness and wholeness through the classroom of life by coaching their spiritual growth”.

Teacher, Channel, Visionary therapist, Past life therapist, Crystal healer, and contributing author in the best selling “Adventures in Manifesting series.”

About Dellaina 

Dellaina's Background

I come from a small island off the coast of France (Jersey Channel Islands) and have been in New Zealand since 1994. There were a lot of visitations from spirit in the old Victorian house which I grew up in. This experience presented me with many questions at a young age. These questions motivated my search for the meaning of life, death and beyond. Even then I realised that the basic scientific or religious explanations of these experiences were insufficient, and even more questions arose from the answers I received. I realised that something was amiss, and so began my quest to find out more. My first job was in a travel agency in Jersey, I continued my career as a stewardess on ships, worked at airports in the Uk and Jersey as handling and ground crew and then worked into business travel working with large corporate companies. This allowed me to travel the world and open my eyes to the seen and unseen worlds. I was guided to many wonderful teachers and masters in the physical and non physical search for these answers. These journeys have taken me to over thirty countries, over a span of 37 years. Growing up in an ancient place like Jersey gave me the inspiration and freedom to visit many ancient sites very close by, even as a young girl. Some of the standing stones and dolmens are just as old, some older than Stonehenge. Many are at the foot of a wind sweep cliff or in grassy woodland not easily accessible, and so often I had the luxury of them all to myself. Many times, I often felt the songs and presence of the ancient ones who had once lived here. I had also had glimpses of times past, and often saw myself dressed and looking different. As if watching old movies playing, except for myself from ages long past. I had begun training into past-life therapy and was fascinated by some of the revelations I had about people and myself in my life. So In my spare time I studied metaphysics and trained in many healing modalities as well as making my own spiritual link with a teacher who now resides in spirit. I did not know it at the time but I was being called to these powerful, high energy, healing sites. All I really knew was it felt good and often I returned refreshed, peaceful, and with insights about what was happening in my life and the ways forward. In the 1980’s, now older and hopefully a little wiser I began exploring more sites with more of an intention of discovery or opening to their secrets. This took me to the UK, Europe, Egypt, North and South America, Israel, the Middle and Far east, Australia, the Pacific, and many other parts of the world.

Dellaina's Training

My training has included the studies of: - Runes - The Tarot - Most forms of divination - Feng shui - Colour and sound therapy - Numerology - Astrology - Healing with Crystals - Past life therapy - Many different Meditation practices - East and Western mysteries - Yoga - Shamanism (Celtic, first nations and various other indigenious) - Paganism - Buddhism

About Ihaia 

Ko Ngai Tahu te iwi-No Horomaka/Otautahi ahau.
I come from the Banks Peninsula Christchurch and Ngai Tahu is my tribe. I am a warrior of the spirit of light.


Aotearoa New Zealand is my homeland in this lifetime.

I have travelled extensively as a merchant seaman and spiritual voyager. Experiencing and participating in many countries and cultures, spiritual and ceremonial traditions.

More about Ihaia

I am trained in Tikanga (cultural/spiritual) counseling and am passionate about people’s well being, and spiritual growth. Taha Wairua, Taha Hinengaro, Taha Tinana, Taha Whanau. (Spirit, mind, body, and family) I also like to implement a sacred sound with both my voice and indigenous instruments in my healing work. I believe sound and its vibrations transcends time and space, penetrating deep into our cellular memories bringing balance and well-being in one’s life. My most recent ancestors Ngai Tahu travelled across the oceans to get to Aotearoa. From a very early age, I have felt the call of Tangaroa (the Ocean). I went to sea at 17 as a merchant seaman. I have crossed oceans, lands, mountains, lakes, and air paths on my quest for life. Te Mana O te Moana was a pivotal journey sailing on a “Haunui” to Turtle Island – North America. You can read more about this here. The journeys are as internal as they are external. “Becoming the New Human” through living ancient knowledge and wisdom. The depth and breadth to my life, the connectedness to the entire universe, is threaded, sewn into every step, every breath, of ALL the travels I do. I look forward to sharing with you on this journey. Aio, (Peace to you), Aroha, Ihaia Tihei Mauri Ora (We share the breath of life)

About The Indigenous Māori of New Zealand on the Peninsula

Three successive phases of Maori tribe settlement took place on the peninsula. Waitaha were the first settlers, followed by Kāti Mamoe, and then Ngai Tahu took over in the 17th century.
In the culture of the Māori of New Zealand, a tohunga is an expert practitioner of any skill or art, either religious or otherwise. We know these in other traditions as Shaman. Tohunga includes expert priests, healers, navigators, carvers, builders, teachers, and advisors. A tohunga may have also been the head of a whanau but quite often was also a rangatira and an Ariki. The equivalent in Hawaiian culture is kahuna, and the first nations people of the Americas are Medicine men and women. In other countries and Europe known as Shamans. There are many classes of tohunga including: Tohunga ahurewa: highest class of priest Tohunga matakite: foretellers of the future Tohunga whakairo: expert carvers Tohunga tātai arorangi: experts at reading the stars Tohunga kōkōrangi: expert in the study of celestial bodies (astronomer) Tohunga tārai waka: expert canoe builders Tohunga wetereo: expert in the language (linguist) Tohunga tā moko: expert in tā moko (tattooist) Tohunga mahi toi: expert artist Tohunga tikanga tangata: expert in the study of humans (anthropologist) Tohunga o Tumatauenga: expert in weapons or war party chaplain Tohunga kiato: lowest class of priest Each tohunga was a gifted spiritual leader and possessed the natural ability to communicate between the spiritual and temporal realms through karakia (prayers), pātere (chants), or performing waiata (songs) that had been passed down to them by tohunga before them. However, their rites were mainly in the specific fields in which they practiced, as outlined above.

Dellaina and Ihaia work together at courses, retreats and events.

Together, we bring a wealth of experience.
Through healing, guidance, and mentoring we are here to empower you to live life to your fullest potential.

Our journey of bringing together the Celtic and Maori tribes began on the Banks Peninsula, New Zealand.

Read more about Dellaina & Ihaia

We were aware after meeting in Feb 2011 that we had come together to guide and support people in their respective journeys. The depth and breadth of our connection and love is an ever-expanding expression of spirit in our lives. Living, being, working in a soulful relationship is a rewarding and challenging experience. Our purpose together is to bring inspiration, wisdom, expansion, empowerment, and love to individuals and groups of people. Who are awakening to the great journey of the incredible changes within and without on the planet now. Supporting you to find your own gifts and unique contribution to what is occurring through these unprecedented times.

Why is the Banks Peninsula significant to our journey

The Banks Peninsula is a special place for us for different reasons Ihaia’s family tribes and Runanga (sub-tribes) come from the Banks Peninsula koukourarata Port Levy (mother’s tribal side) and Rapaki (father’s tribal side) and he has deep spiritual and cultural roots, spanning back for many generations from these areas. They are both coastal areas on the rim of the extinct Volcanoes and have a deep family, spiritual and cultural history to him. Dellaina has had a great love of this place from the time she moved to Christchurch in 1994 and has been facilitating regular retreats, courses, and workshops here since 2005. We met on Waitangi Day 2011 at Okains Bay Marae. This was Dellaina’s Citizenship ceremony, just before the earthquake. Ihaia was a speaker on behalf of the tribal people of the area at the Waitangi Day ceremonies. So the Banks Peninsula also holds a special place in our hearts.