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Avalon 2010
‘Wise Woman Return to Avalon’

8 Day Tour
Sacred Sites Tour

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Day 1

22nd August

You will be picked up and transported from London to Glastonbury, having the chance to get your bearings and reconnect with this mystical and magical town. Dellaina and Almora will facilitate a welcoming ceremony and we will meet our host and driver John Flanagan, who is a teacher of metaphysics and a spiritual practitioner from Ireland. He has a deep knowledge of these sites and is a very gifted healer and psychic. In the evening, we will take a nature walk to connect with the elementals, the animal and nature spirits, opening to the ancestors of the land and our ancient past.

Day 2

23rd August

Up early for a full tour of Glastonbury, The Abbey, the holy thorn tree, the Chalice Well, the Tor, and Gog and Magog. We explore the Arthurian legends, the Knights of the Round Table, the priestess of Avalon and a time of magick, chivalry and adventure. Some free time in the afternoon, followed by an evening circle at the top of the Tor facilitated by Dellaina. We will then visit a 15th century old pilgrim’s inn for dinner.

Day 3

24th August

Early start for Cornwall and a full tour of Tintagel, Arthur’s castle, Merlin’s cave, St. Nectar’s Glen and Waterfall, and Rocky Valley. We will explore the story of Isolate and Tristan and the complex triangle of love, passion and betrayal and hear about Merlin the wise wizard and teacher and Morgan La Faye. A ceremony will be conducted here for those who wish to participate, then we will return home for some well needed rest.

Day 4

25th August

Full tour of Avebury stone circle, West Kennet Long Barrow, The Sanctuary, and any crop circles. Who made these circles? We will mediate on the symbols of the crops and have a discussion about our insights. Some private time for meditation, contemplation and a little musing in your journals or creativity. (Please note we cannot guarantee the crop circles but trust they will appear for us!)

Day 5

26th August

A full tour of Woodened, Salisbury Cathedral and Camelot, Stonehenge with private evening access after it is closed to the public. Dellaina will lead an activation of energy opening the way the communications with the guardians of the stones. This will be a real gift to spend time in this ancient place, witnessing the spiritual visitors that still inhabit this place. We will stop in a quaint country public house for dinner before heading home to bed.

Day 6

27th August

Full tour of Wells and its Medieval Cathedral; Bath, City of the Goddess; and the Roman Baths. We explore the energy of Mary Magdalene, the fusing of Paganism and Christianity and the feminine principals. This will be a day to take in the sights and connect with these feminine principals.

Day 7

28th August

Today, after a morning mediation and discussion you are free to spend the day at your leisure. Wander around the many shops, re-visit the abbey, local sites or just relax and take it all in.

There will be a farewell closing blessing with Almora, Dellaina and our hosts and guide. A last evening dinner together at one of the local historical inns.

Day 8

29th August

Morning meditation before breakfast. We will be leaving at approximately 11am to head back to London for those who would like a transfer. otherwise, we will leave you here to consolidate all that you have experienced.

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