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Hawaii 2019
'Linking the Lights of Lemuria'

12 Day Tour
Goddess Pele Entering The Ring of Fire!

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Day 1

12th June

Honolulu Meet and assist you at Honolulu International Airport and then we will escort you to your hotel by an exclusive air-conditioned deluxe vehicle. Arriving at your hotel the tour manager will assist with a smooth check-in and review your itinerary, with you to establish and confirm pickup times for each tour. (B).

Day 2

13th June

Fly to Hilo After breakfast transfer from your hotel in Honolulu for your flight to Hilo. Meet and assist at Hilo Airport. After settling into the hotel we will have a welcoming session with Almora and the team. Connecting to The Land and ancestors of Lemuria.
Tonight we celebrate your arrival with a 2 hour dinner cruise. The sounds of live music onboard set the mood, cruising the bay the sights of Coconut Island, Reeds Bay, and Radio Bay & up the hill glimpses of Kilauea erupting can be viewed on a clear day. As the sun sets over Mauna Kea dinner service begins starting another beautiful night on the water. Fresh island fish & local cuisines. (B, D).

Day 3

14th June

We meet with and share a welcoming and water ceremony with Dellaina /Almora, Ihaia and Kahuna Kalei’iliahi. The Ancient Hawaiians have a time honoured tradition of purifying in the ocean in a ceremony called ‘Au Au Kai’. ‘Au Au’ is to purify and ‘Kai’ is the sea. The Spirit of the Sea is Kanaloa who then honors your intention to be pure, by removing all things that do not serve you. It is a spiritual cleansing of the sweetest kind and all you need to do is stand in the sacred waters of Kanaloa, with your pure intent to receive this beautiful gift. (B).

Day 4

15th June

A beautiful day visiting sites of natural beauty waterfalls and guided nature walks. Connecting with the nature spirits and communing with the water elementals of the waterfall. (B, L).

Day 5

16th June

Full moon in Sagittarius. Morning meditation with Almora and the team preparing for our evening full moon. Ceremony afternoon in sacred silent space. After a light dinner a rare opportunity for you to be on private sacred grounds with Kahuna Kalei’iliahi and share in the mana of the land, sitting under her ‘Miracle’ tree, while the moon is full in Sagittarius. You will talk story with this Kahuna and her ‘Aumakua (ancestral spirits) - you will be given messages from them and for those who desire it, healings as well. (B,D).

Day 6

17th June

Mauna Loa Ceremony
A powerful ceremony with Kahuna Kalei’iliahi where you will feel the grandness of this sacred mountain - the largest in the world by volume. (B, L).

Day 7

18th June

Morning workshop ‘Entering The Ring Of Fire’ with Almora and The Almora team. Celebrating Pele and the Godess’s of fire and earth. Free afternoon. (B).

Day 8

19th June

Lomi Lomi
We will be taken by Haunani Hopkins to her sacred ancestral land where she will introduce the basic concepts of the traditional Hawaiian Healing Arts, through protocols of Ho’oma’ema’e (cleansing), Pule (prayer), Ho’oponopono (conflict resolution), ‘Ai Pono, (food as medicine), Lā’au Lapa’au (plant medicine), and Lomilomi (hands-on techniques). 3. Hawaiian Cultural Practices/Concepts of Learning 4. Loving touch and Honu Lomilomi. 5. Hands on Practice Seated massage. (B, L, D).

Day 9

20th June

Haunani Hopkins will take us on a huaka’i (Journey).
To See the heiau at Kalae Hema (South Point) where the 9 canoes left for Aotearoa Waipi’o. She will share her wisdom and ancient stories at the Valley where the Mū lived long ago. Meditation Invocation Almora. (B, L).

Day 10

21st June

Summer Solstice Dawn Volcano Ceremony
We will connect with Goddess Pele and all of Kahuna Kalei’iliahi ancestors who will be present to honor you for your journey. They will touch you with their love and affirm your purpose here. They will stand before you in the multitudes and weep with joy at your presence before them and what it took to have you there. They will bring to you a remembrance of being here before, because many of you are returning after lifetimes away... some will call this land ‘home’ for indeed it will be. It is a journey of your Spirit that will be anointed and blessed. Group Dinner with Kahuna Kaleli. (B, D).

Day 11

22nd June

Almora morning completion ceremony with mother Gaia and the earth guardians. Gratitude Ceremony for all the gifts we have recived. Almora Group closing dinner, final farewell. (B, D).

Day 12

23rd June

After breakfast in your hotel, your tour manager will pick you up and transfer you to Hilo and ongoing journey to Honololu or Kaui. (B).

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