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Uluru 2024

7-Day Sacred Site Tour Uluru 2024

Embark on a journey with The Almora, and witness a life-changing transformation. You will experience the dream time, where the past, present, and future merge into one. You can convert negative emotions, mental exhaustion, and limitations into a realm of unlimited possibilities. Discover a sense of inner peace and harmony with yourself and all aspects of your life. Empowered by this transformation, you can make a positive impact on the world and achieve abundance in all forms. By serving the world, you can live a purposeful and beautiful life. Awakening is the realisation one has during this process. Enlightenment is the ultimate result or state that can be achieved through this journey.

The Rainbow Serpent is a powerful force in Aboriginal society, representing nature and spirit. It is associated with water and is considered the great life-giver and protector of water, which is its spiritual home. The Rainbow Serpent can also be destructive if not properly respected. In times of anger or rage, it may cause storms and floods as a punishment for those who disobey the laws. Uluru and Kata Tjuta, located in Northern Australia, represent the solar plexus chakra, a powerful energy centre of the earth and the body. When balanced, this chakra provides us with a deep sense of personal power, wisdom, and decisiveness. It also helps sustain the vitality of the earth and all living beings.

The area surrounding Uluru and Kata Tjuta is home to one of the oldest human societies on the planet, dating back around 500 million years. The Female Dragon Ley Line connects these sacred sites to Lake Titicaca in South America, reminding us of the deep interconnectedness of all things.

Let us draw inspiration from the magnificent wonders of nature and honour the wisdom and power they embody. May we strive to maintain balance in our lives and our relationship with the earth, recognising our responsibility to sustain and protect this precious planet we call home. Come, join us for a once in a lifetime experience that will change your life.

You are here to make the most of this human experience.
Live it, love it, be it - Almora.

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ULURU 2024 -  Return of the Rainbow Serpent
ULURU 2024 -  Return of the Rainbow Serpent
11 Aug 2024, 3:30 pm

Day 1

11th August

Dinner Provided


Meet in the Lobby for a warm welcome by The Almora team, orientation of plans for the week and a chance to ask any questions and receive your full itinerary, a journal and special welcome pack. Then be prepared for a special dinner treat like you have never seen before, prepare to be inspired!

5.00pm Pick Up for Your Wintjiri Wiru nighttime experience deep in the desert.

After a short journey from Uluru, take a gentle evening stroll through the desert along an elevated walkway until you reach the open-air theatre, set upon a dune top. Embark on a culinary adventure with a gourmet dinner hamper where native ingredients are combined with modern culinary techniques to create a masterpiece for the palette.

With the heart of Australia as the backdrop, a story passed on for thousands of generations, now passes to you.
Witness the ancient Mala story re-told like never before with ground-breaking technology in a modern, artistic expression of an ancient, Anangu story.
Feel a powerful connection to the country as you listen to a traditional Inma soundtrack and narration in the local Pitjantjatjara language, and immerse yourself in a living story.
Have a good rest and prepare for the week ahead.

Day 2

12th August

Buffet Breakfast & Dinner provided

9.30am - 12pm  August Calling In the Dreamtime sacred invocation ceremony

After a scrumptious Buffet breakfast, we meet for our welcoming ceremony at our workshop space.

Calling In the Dreamtime sacred invocation ceremony to the ancestors and spirit of the land led by Ihaia and The Almora team. Receive your special sacred crystal and we start our first activation and energy alignment. Feel the connection of the land and enter the dream time where everything is possible and timeliness. Let the revelations open your heart and enlighten your mind.

12pm - 2pm  Lunch (own expense)

2.30pm - 9pm  Uluru Sunset and guided mediation walk

Experience the sacred place as we watch the sun go down, enjoying canapés, drinks and a special BBQ dinner.

Day 3

13th August

Breakfast provided

6am - 11.30am  Uluru Sunrise Invocations & meditations with Almora team

Up early to experience the sunrise and welcome in the light, of the Sun.
Experience the incredible experience of this majestic place. As we are led into another ceremony invoking more light, and life force of vitality and good health into our lives and guided into the higher part of our mind and spiritual sky father ancestors begin to weave their magic with The Rainbow Serpent guiding the way into our personal dreamtime timelines.

Free Afternoon & Evening

Day 4

14th August

Buffet Breakfast
All other meals
your own
arrangements at
the local cafe

Full Cultural day on The Ancestral Aboriginal Anangu people’s sacred land

“Tjungu nyinara, nyakula, kulira palyantjaku. Alatji nintiringkuku. Alatji kurunypa winki mula-mularingkupai.”
"We will sit down to look, listen and do something together. This is the way you will learn. This is the way you will realise something in your soul and  your whole being."

8am Pick up from hotel

Today we are blessed to spend a whole day with The Anangu people. Visit the ancient cave paintings and hear some of the prophecies and dreamtime stories, We will walk to some of the sacred areas and be transported to others in a coach.
Some of today's activities include the following:

1-hour Kuniya Walk + Mala Walk - Uluru

On this one-hour guided tour, will teach you about the beautiful works of art depicting the Creation time (Tjukurpa) stories in the family cave, see the stories set in stone on Uluru (Tjukuritja).

Dot Painting Experiences

During this 1.5-hour experience you will gain a deeper understanding of traditional Anangu culture and way of life.
You will be inspired as you learn the ancient symbols used to share creation stories (Tjukurpa)

This uplifting experience will open your eyes to traditional Anangu, culture whilst you create your own story on canvas through the wonderful art of dot painting Connect, Create and be Inspired by Uluru's only Dot Painting experience.

Your Maruku Arts Anangu guide will share these stories in Pitjantjatjara and then be translated into English by your Maruku Arts Narrator /Translator.

Bush Medicine Experience

Anangu women invite you to learn about the use and the production of traditional bush medicine.  This interactive and engaging 30–45-minute workshop teaches
participants the origins of the bush medicine Anangu use.

Back to the hotel for a rest and time to integrate the days events.

Day 5

15th August

Breakfast provided

5.30am Pick Up

Early to rise Kata Tjuta Sunrise and Valley of the Winds meditation This day we welcome in the spirits of the wind and sky, we can continue with the meditation Walk or free time to meditate/journal, paint etc. Enjoy breakfast in the dessert and have an afternoon to integrate all we have learned and experienced so far.

Free Afternoon & Evening

Day 6

16th August

Breakfast provided

4.15am - 5.30pm Serpents guided walk meditation

Up early for a full spectacular day weaving through the serpent’s belly and sacred surrounding sites of the canyons and beyond.

Kings Canyon is the traditional home of the Luritja people of Central Australia. After European settlement, it became part of Tempe Downs station, before becoming part of Watarrka National Park and returned to its traditional owners in 2012.

We visit the ‘Lost City' – weathered rock which resembles the ruins of an ancient city and the ‘Garden of Eden', a valley where permanent waterholes are overgrown with ancient cycad palms

The Kings Canyon Rim Walk takes visitors past the Garden of Eden, a lush waterhole that forms an oasis for desert wildlife. When you explore Kings Canyon on this walk, you'll also see the incredible sandstone rock formations of the Lost City and the spectacular views of the gorge from the rim.

We will have breakfast here in the desert and have time for meditation and journaling.

 The Kings Canyon Rim Walk explores 6km of the scenic canyon, winding in a circuit around the rim and descending to the Garden of Eden before heading back to the top with the south wall return walk. This walk takes 3-4 hours.

Alternatively, you could do the Kings Creek Walk, where you’ll walk along the fertile canyon floor, taking in lush ferns and eucalypts. This walk is shorter and less arduous than the Kings Canyon Rim Walk, so ideal for less experienced walkers.

On the walk, you can take in the impressive cliffs of the gorge, as well as observe the diverse native flora, fauna and birdlife in the canyon.

You will be able to spot a range of different native animals and birds. The canyon is home to a range of species, thanks to its abundant flora and waterholes which offer animals an important relief from the harsh desert beyond.

Here you can spot fascinating lizards such as the ring-tailed dragon and the thorny devil, which has evolved to have spikes all over the top of its body. These spikes are not only for protection from predators, they are very specifically positioned to direct water to the thorny devil’s mouth. You might also see that famous native Australian canine, the dingo, as well as birds like the brown falcon, the Australian kestrel, the rare scarlet-chested parrot and the splendid fairy wren. 

Back to the hotel for a restful evening and an early night.

Day 7

17th August 

Buffet Breakfast &
Dinner provided

9.30am - 12.30pm  Rainbow Serpents dreamtime healing message

We make our way to the dreamtime workshop space for our final closing ceremony with The Almora team. Lead into a final activation and integration process we open to the final gifts from the spirit of the land before our departure.

Free Afternoon

5pm  Pick Up Sound of Silence Farewell Dinner 


Your evening begins with a convenient hotel pick-up and transfer to the remote desert location with majestic views of Uluru. 

Your Sounds of Silence experience begins with canapés and chilled sparkling drinks upon a dune top overlooking the Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park.  

As the sun sets on the horizon and darkness falls, listen to the sound of a didgeridoo, and enjoy gourmet canapés and chilled drinks.

Entered into the Australian Tourism Hall of Fame, Sounds of Silence offers the best of the Red Centre distilled into four magical hours. An evening of dining under the sparkling outback sky.

As darkness falls and the coloured lights of the 50,000 glass spheres gently come to life, join your table of fellow travellers for an exceptional three-course menu infused with bush tucker flavours. As the night ignites with countless stars, settle back and listen to our resident star talker decode the southern night sky.

Your host will provide insights into the art installation that awaits you, before you’re invited to immerse yourself in the Field of Light, its pathways glistening softly with rhythms of coloured light, beckoning you to explore.

As the night sky twinkles to life, you will be welcomed to an interactive chef’s station where you will be served your choice from our freshly prepared, bush tucker-inspired menu incorporating native bush ingredients, vegetarian options and gluten-free also available. 

Settle back and listen to our resident star talker decode the southern night sky. Locate the Southern Cross, the signs of the zodiac, the Milky Way, as well as planets and galaxies that are visible due to the exceptional clarity of the atmosphere.

Day 8

18th August

Buffet Breakfast

Departure day

We share our final scrumptious Buffett Breakfast and time to say goodbye.

Palya (Farewell and blessings) 



Early Bird

AUD $5,999.00 per person paid by in full by 15 April 2024 (based on Twin share garden Room)


Full Fee

AUD $6,299.00 per person 50% of total due by 30 March and final payment by 11 May 2024 After this date late fee applies of AUD $200.00. Payments plan available but there is a $50.00 admin fee please enquire.


Limited spaces, AUD $1000.00 non-refundable deposit secures your space.


NZD exchange rate offered on the day of payment as these changes. Please note due to currency fluctuation, these prices may vary and are not confirmed until paid in full.


PayPal Payments

Credit card payments via PayPal please note PayPal charges us 6% plus transactions fees we will advise you when payments are due if you choose this option.



7 nights shared twin accommodation 4-star accommodation at The Desert Gardens Hotel in a garden view room.

Upgrade to A Deluxe rock view room (only 4 rooms available) $553.00 Per person Total 7 nights based on two sharing.

Single Supplement $ 1,500 in a garden view room or $1,885 in a Deluxe rock view room (Single supplement is only available on request)


Transfers from Ayres Rock Airport and porterage fees

Entrance to the national parks

Transportation in an air-conditioned coach to all the site’s included

Meals were shown, 7 breakfasts, No lunches and 3 dinners Including:

Wintjiri Wiru experience dinner valued at $385

‘Sounds of Silence’ dinner under the outback sky with the once-in-a-lifetime Field of Light art installation Valued at $ 310.00

Transport with guide and driver to all sites; all entrance fees, historical and spiritual site information with local experts, ceremony facilitation by Dellaina, Almora, Ihaia, Guidance and facilitation at sacred sites with our local experts.

Full day cultural experience with Aboriginal elders including dot painting, Bush medicine, cultural walks and cave paintings.


Airfares, full Insurance (which is a condition of travel on this tour) some meals see itinerary for details; spending money; additional entrance fees to other places of interest; additional nights’ accommodation; or alternative date/time return transfer, tip (customary 10-15%).



Some of the day’s activities may be changed around to accommodate sacred events and other important events. We ask that you are flexible and open to changes that may arise on our journey, for being in the moment is part of the adventure!

Please see full list of terms and conditions

We are happy to recommended Charlotte for flights and further travel information and arrangements. Charlotte is highly experienced and is happy to help you plan your trip. Contact Charlotte Zijlstra Holland Clarke & Beatson Ltd

P +64 3 963 7000 Ι D +64 3 963 7005 Ι M 021 861 747

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