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Uncover your unique purpose to create the reality and life that you were here to live.


This meditation has been created from Spirit / Wairua and my life journey to encourage the Heartful Warrior to emerge and embrace the peace trails – they are still there.
Aio – Peace


  1. Karakia / Mihi – Opening (2.58)
  2. Heartful Warrior Emerging (24.52)
  3. Heartful Vision Quest (22.28)
  4. Closing Waiata / Song (1.24)


Recorded at Plains FM, Otautahi – Christchurch, February 2013. Engineered by Naoko Kudo. Cover Design by Darlene Mineault. Heartfelt thanks to Dellaina, my beloved. Without her support this CD would not have been created. Arohanui.


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©Almora Unlimited. All rights reserved. Unauthorised duplication is prohibited by law.

Way of the Heartful Warrior

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