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Almora Summer News And Updates - December

I embrace the beautiful changes occurring within meI am willing to move into an expanded place of love- Almora.

As we come to the end of this year, I can't help but feel grateful for the journey we have all been on. This year has been truly remarkable, from our summer retreat to travels across the globe, from the 'Power to Create' course to our soul foods.

I want to take a moment to appreciate every one of you for your courage, commitment, and beauty. It has been an absolute privilege to share this journey with you all. Watching your growth and transformations has been humbling, and I am proud to have been a part of it.

As we look ahead, I am excited to share the incredible journey of John Kenney and his path to wellness with the help of Cerule stem cell rejuvenation. I invite you to join us on this inspiring journey.

With three videos available, you can learn about John's story and the integrity of Cerule and even become a distributor if you wish to share this incredible product with your loved ones or clients. Let's embrace the new year and all the opportunities it brings.

This year has also been a difficult one, with so many heartbreaking events happening around the world – from war and famine to natural disasters.

However, I want to encourage and inspire everyone to believe that no matter where we are in our lives, we still have the power to make a positive impact. Every little action counts – making charitable donations, signing petitions, or being mindful of what we consume and purchase.

We still have a couple of Almora sessions available before the end of the year. Please contact us as soon as possible to reserve your spot!

If you're interested, we have a list of charities we support, and we genuinely encourage you to consider helping them this holiday season. Remember that even the most negligible contribution can make a big difference! Lastly, prayers and positive thoughts can all contribute to a more peaceful and abundant world. Let's come together and spread love and kindness during these challenging times.

Amnesty International

Bear Rescue Save the bears

Cats protection

Abandoned animals in Ukraine

Street cats Canterbury

Upcoming Events

Tuesday 19 November

Soul Food Lakshmi - A Thousand Blessings for you!

Join us for our final Soul Food event on November 19th and experience the abundance and blessings of the Indian Goddess Lakshmi. Her divine presence will guide and support you on your journey towards a fulfilling life.

Please see the booking link here for Soul Food A Thousand Blessings.

Saturday 23 December

A Celebration of Light and Love! – Almora's 20th-anniversary gathering

We're also celebrating twenty years of Almora as my life vocation. Although my experience started much earlier, in 1988, and I began the channelling journey in 1996, please see the Inspirations blog page to read more here.

Please join us to celebrate this inspiring morning and complete the year with a special celebration cake.


Discover the perfect inspiration for yourself or your loved ones with our special offer. You have the choice of selecting between two amazing gifts that are sure to uplift and inspire.

* Any of the Almora or Ihaia meditation recordings and a packed of Almora 78 affirmation and inspiration cards for the special price of $39.95 (usually $69.85)

* Or x 3 meditation recordings for $19.90 (instead of $29.95)


Please see our shop page link here for more information.

May your holiday season be filled with peace, relaxation, and joy surrounded by your loved ones. The Almora team wishes you many blessings as you embark on this new journey.



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