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A love letter to yourself - Click and open to affirmation below

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

I am a radiant being of light

I enjoy this magnificent journey of my life

I see the beauty reflected through my experience every day

I am an adventure

I am creating

I love my beautiful radiant healthy body

I enjoy vital health, abundance of energy, abundance of love, abundance of friendship and an abundance of joy

I love the work that I do

I bring joy to others

I bring insight to others

I am a wise teacher

I have so much say, so much to give, so much insight

I am a messenger of truth

I am a messenger of peace

I am a gift to this world

I say YES to life

I say YES to this grand opportunity to play in this reality, in this space in this time

I say YES to the great river of money that runs through me

I say YES to the great abundance of creativity that runs through me

I say YES to wondrous beautiful friendships

I say thank you to my loving and supportive partner and the magnificent life which we are creating, and share together!

I celebrate change

I am constantly moving

I make peace with doubt

I release any thought or emotions that hold me from the grand potential of creation and

Love that I am

I feel the radiance of love, the radiance of joy, and the radiance of peace

I am unique

I am beautiful

I have purpose

I have and continue, to make a difference to countless lives

To thousands of lives, to millions of lives

My present presence touches others

And I love what others bring to me

There is nothing I cannot do!

There is nothing I cannot have!

There is nothing I cannot be!

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